How to save clipboard data as bmp file

Tim Golden mail at
Tue Apr 21 12:34:17 CEST 2009

gopal mishra wrote:
> I have used ImageGrab.grabclipboard() to get the clipboard image data, it
> returns None. This function only supports if the clipboard data format is
> Is there any way to save clipboard data format CF_ENHMETAFILE to bitmap file
> using win32 programming.

Well I'm sympathetic to the query, although I don't know the answer
myself. However, you will gain a bit more support (and maybe even the
answer) if you were to put something like:

  save clipboard CF_ENHMETAFILE to file

or some similar search string into your search engine of choice,
and try out some of the solutions which appear. Feel free to
come back if you're not sure how to implement them in Python,
but showing that you've made some effort will gain you more
traction than coming empty-handed for a solution, methinks.


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