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Tim Golden mail at
Tue Apr 21 15:31:42 CEST 2009

karlos barlos wrote:
> hello to everybody...
> having problem withe this code :
> dom = raw_input("The Domain name..:")
>           ad_user.Put('userPrincipalName',user['login']+'@(['dom'])
> but it wont change whay ?

Some more context would help, including a code fragment and
traceback if there is any (or the fact that there isn't).

I can of course guess that you're trying to set attributes
on an Active Directory user, but that's only because I'm
a Windows user (and the author of a module for that purpose
which you may or more not be using...).

*Please* have a little thought before you throw such a
question out onto a public list. I'm sure people are
willing to help you out (I know I am) but you have to
meet us at least halfway. :)


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