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> >Python also converted me to using unit tests.  If you add unit tests
> >into your methodology above then when you re-organize (or refactor to
> >use the modern jargon) the code you can be 100% sure that you didn't
> >break anything which is a wonderful feeling.
> Not quite: you can be 100% sure you didn't break anything you had
> appropriate tests for.  If you use pure TDD (test-driven development),
> you can be pretty close to 100% comfortable, but my impression is that
> few people do pure TDD.

Few is obviously a relative term. Amongst some of the circles I move
in it is genuinely most - but a lot of them are using C#. The Python
community, whilst having a strong testing culture, seems to be a bit
behind the times with TDD.

*Personally* it has changed the way I develop dramatically; and
despite the name is much more about the way you approach design than
purely for the sake of tests.

But there you go. :-)

Michael Foord

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