simple question re list iteration semantics

Paul Rubin http
Wed Apr 22 04:56:03 CEST 2009

Esmail <ebonak at> writes:
> for i in range(0, len(li)):
>      print li[i]
> Will this always be equivalent to
> for i in li:
>      print i

Not the same--after the exit of the first loop, 'i' is the length of
the list.  After the exit of the second loop, 'i' is the last element.

> Would the 2nd one be considered more Pythonic? (It looks both
> clearer and cleaner to me).

Yes.  If you want to have the numeric index available in the loop, use:

  for i,x in enumerate(li):

then i is the index and x is the element.

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