python command not working

Tim Golden mail at
Wed Apr 22 10:31:30 CEST 2009

83nini wrote:
> On 22 Apr, 10:04, David Cournapeau <courn... at> wrote:
>> On Wed, Apr 22, 2009 at 4:44 PM, 83nini <83n... at> wrote:
>>> thanks for the tip, how do i add the path of python into my %PATH%?
>> >From the command line (and from memory, I don't use windows regularly):
>> set PATH=C:\python25;%PATH%
>> And you can set it up permanently in the advanced settings panel of
>> windows (the one where you set up things like amount of swap,
>> restoration and the likes, I don't know the exact name in English)
>> David
> thanks David, the PATH=C:\python25;%PATH% worked, but i still don't
> know how to do it perminantly

Well you can do by selecting [System] from the Control Panel,
selecting the [Advanced] tab, the [Environment Variables]
button and then finding the PATH (user or system) and editing
it in the agonisingly small edit control which doesn't seem
to have changed since Windows 3.1. (He says, exaggerating only
a little)...

... or, I was going to say, you could run Christian Heimes' script which is in c:\python26\lib\tools.
Except that it wasn't added until python26 and uses
_winreg.ExpandEnvironmentStrings which also wasn't added
until then. (I think). But for anyone else still watching
the show...


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