setuptools and "extras"

Chadrik chadrik at
Wed Apr 22 10:19:34 CEST 2009

in addition to resolving install dependencies, setuptools supports
"extras" with their own dependencies.   these can be installed using
easy_install, like so:

$ easy_install mypackage[extraFeature]

what is the best way to cause an extra's dependencies to be installed
when using the `python` form?

i discovered that you can use easy_install via and point it
at the current directory:

$ python easy_install .  #<--- the period points easy_install
at our current dir

however, this does not install the extra features.  trying the next
logical step doesn't work:

$ python easy_install .[extraFeature]

so far the best that i've found is :

$ cd /path/to/mypackage
$ cd ..
$ python mypackage/ easy_install mypackage[extraFeature]

is there a simpler way?


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