python command not working

83nini 83nini at
Wed Apr 22 12:06:57 CEST 2009

On 22 Apr, 11:24, Christian Heimes <li... at> wrote:
> David Cournapeau schrieb:
> > On Wed, Apr 22, 2009 at 4:20 PM, 83nini <83n... at> wrote:
> >> Hi guys,
> >> I'm new to python, i downloaded version 2.5, opened windows (vista)
> >> command line and wrote "python", this should take me to the python
> >> command line, but it did not! i'm getting : python is not an internal
> >> command, external command, program, or command file.
> > The installer does not add the path of python into your %PATH%
> > variable, You have to do it manually or call the full command path
> > (C:\Python25\python.exe or something)
> I highly recommend against adding C:\Python25 to your %PATH%. You can
> get the same effect by adding a simple bat file to C:\Windows\System32
> ---
> @C:\Python25\python.exe %*
> ---
> Call it python25.bat and you are done. Apropos call, don't forget to
> "call python25" in batch files. :)
> Christian

i've been trying everything you adviced me to do, none works!!!
all i want to do is to type "python" in the cmd and get the python
command line
i want to run a server writing "python runserver" that is
not working either, of course cos "python" command is not working.
is this one of the stupid things that vista causes? or what???

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