Please help me grok: webserver > python

bobicanprogram icanbob at
Wed Apr 22 15:03:13 CEST 2009

On Apr 21, 3:20 pm, Phillip B Oldham <phillip.old... at> wrote:
> I'm having trouble grok'ing how to get python talking through a
> webserver. I've got a lot of experience working with nginx+php-fcgi
> (via a unix socket) and I'd like to know what would be the bare
> minimum to get python talking in the same way.
> Now, I've looked at modules like CherryPy but they're all a little
> high level and talk via http. I'd like to know how to mimic the php
> setup I'm used to; I've no specific goal other than to become
> aquainted with the python environment.
> Any examples would be great!

There is some example code at:


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