pylab quick reference? (matplotlib)

Benjamin J. Racine bjracine at
Wed Apr 22 19:21:20 CEST 2009

Not exactly what you've described, but I like this... I just spot the type of plot I'm looking for, copy the code, and I'm off...

I like this technique better than any formal documentation almost.

Btw, there is a specific matplotlib list as well.

Hope this helps,

Ben R. 

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Hello all,

Does anyone know of a quick reference for the various plotting functions for pylab? I'm just getting started with this after years of work with gnuplot.

I found this

which is very comprehensive and would be good for digging into specific commands. What I'm looking for is something small enough to print out (< 10-20 pages) that gives a sufficient overview so that I know what's available.

I've looked on the web without much success. I'd be grateful if you have any pointers.



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