What is the best framework or module in Python for a small GUI based application development?

Benjamin Kaplan bsk16 at case.edu
Wed Apr 22 19:59:29 CEST 2009

On Wed, Apr 22, 2009 at 12:13 PM, Mike Driscoll <kyosohma at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Apr 22, 10:51 am, Tim Chase <python.l... at tim.thechases.com> wrote:
> > > My requirement is to write an application which is GUI based
> > > has to run on browsers. Could you tell me which one would be
> > > suitable for this?
> >
> > These are generally 2 different things:  either you're writing a
> > local GUI rich-client (in which case, use the GuiProgramming wiki
> > link Mike sent), or you're doing web development targeting
> > browsers in which case you should investigate the myriad web
> > programming frameworks for Python (Django, Turbogears, CheryPy,
> > web.py, webstack, etc).
> >
> > There's a third "type" of application that I abhor, usually
> > developed in Flash/Silverblight/JavaFX that runs within a
> > web-browser, but allows for richer interactions/rendering than
> > your average web-page.  However, I don't know of any python
> > tie-ins for any of these environments.
> >
> > There's also a blurred line if you embed a web-browser in a local
> > GUI application.
> >
> > -tkc
> Technically speaking, Silverlight can be run with IronPython...which
> works on Windows and Linux (through Mono), but not Mac (as far as I
> know).

Mono is also available for Mac. I don't know if Moonlight works (no reason
it shouldn't but you'll probably have to use an X11 web browser) and I don't
know if Mono works with the Mac Silverlight, but IronPython runs fine.
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