python command not working

Dave Angel davea at
Thu Apr 23 02:25:12 CEST 2009

83nini wrote:
> Christian,
> at last i made the bat file (python25.bat) that contains the following
> contents:
> ---
> @C:\Python25\python.exe %*
> ---
> could you tell me how to call python25 in the batch files? what batch
> files do you mean? where do i find them?
Your original question was how to get an interactive interpreter from a 
command prompt.  There are at least 3 ways:

1) just specify the full path to the executable on the command line
     e:\mysource\>  c:\python25\python.exe

2) add c:\python25  to your PATH, either by using the SET statement, or 
control panel.
     then you'll be able to just use:
     e:\mysource\>  python

3) create a batch file in a directory on your PATH

#3 is probably the best way.  You've created that batch file, now just 
use it.
    e:\mysource\>  python25

The remark about using "call python25" refers only to the case where you 
write additional batch files that use this one.  Since you're not likely 
to, don't worry about it yet.

If typing python25 in a command box doesn't work, then you don't have 
that file on the PATH.  If that's the case, tell us exactly where the 
file is.

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