ANN: PyGUI 2.0.4

rzed rzantow at
Thu Apr 23 02:50:56 CEST 2009

Greg Ewing <greg.ewing at> wrote in 
news:49EDB69F.7070901 at

> PyGUI 2.0.4 is available:
> Fixes a few more bugs and hopefully improves things
> on Windows, although I can't be sure it will fix all
> the Windows problems people are having, because I
> haven't been able to reproduce some of them.

I want PyGUI to work so badly that it just kills me to find that 
that's how it works for me. So badly.

I've always only gotten this response when I try to run the blobedit 
  File "C:\extracted\PyGUI-2.0.4\Demos\BlobEdit\", line 
16, in <module>
    from GUI import Application, ScrollableView, Document, Window, 
FileType, Cursor, rgb
  File "C:\Python25\Lib\site-packages\GUI\", line 78, in 
Failed to import 'Application' from Applications
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\Python25\Lib\site-packages\GUI\", line 69, in 
    module = __import__(modname, self.__dict__, locals(), [name])
ImportError: No module named Applications

I really don't know what this means. Is it a path issue? There 
appears to be an in GUI\Win32, with an Application 
class. If there is some change I can make in the code, can anyone 
tell me what to do? How can I fix it? 

The thing is, in my opinion, something like this is what Python 
*should* have in its standard package. That is, a PYTHON GUI, not a 
thin wrapper around an application-specific API. Sure, the GUI is in 
fact a wrapper, but it should not matter what the back end is that 
supports it (eventually... I know, baby steps). 

Obviously, I don't know from GUIs, or maybe it would be obvious to me 
what to do to get it working. And it is for people like me that I 
want to see it work. I really don't want to have to spend more than a 
few minutes investigating the nuances of a windowing system. I just 
want to be able to put up a convenient front end for a program. 


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