Python Packages : A looming problem? packages might no longer work? (well not on your platform or python version anyway)

David Stanek dstanek at
Thu Apr 23 04:13:54 CEST 2009

On Wed, Apr 22, 2009 at 7:06 PM, David Lyon <david.lyon at> wrote:
> One of the big challenges for Python going forward is providing a testing
> infrastructure for Python Packages.
> There are now over 6,000 packages listed on PyPi - and this number can only
> get bigger.

Interesting ideas, but I'm not sure I see the value. As a package
developer I publish eggs for various Python versions and a source
package. In some of my newer stuff I have been thinking of using 2.6+
features, which means I don't care if it runs on any other version.

I've been fine so far in relying on my code running the same on all
platforms. I don't use any of the platform specific modules, but if I
did as a package developer I can just say "too bad -you need Linux". I
have been bitten a few times by hardcoding '/' instead of os.path.sep,
but I get a bug report and make a fix. So far no big deal.

I think that if you do this or snakebite gets up and running then
projects should opt in to platform/Python versions.


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