Essential tools for Python development

Esmail ebonak at
Thu Apr 23 18:51:59 CEST 2009

Jeremiah Dodds wrote:
> pdb is good if you need to do step-through debugging.
> What I normally do in emacs is the following (while working on python 
> script, and with the python-mode that comes with emacs22):
> C-x 3      #splits the screen into two vertical columns
> C-c C-c   #fires up python and sends the current buffer to it
> C-x o      #switches to the other column
> C-x b Py #switches to the python interactive buffer
> This is, I do believe, equivalent to running a script with python -i 
> . Drops you into an interactive session where you can interact 
> with what you just wrote. Another very handy tool is etags, see the help 
> in emacs (You can get to it through C-h i m emacs)

Thanks for the suggestions, I really like using emacs, so I am going to
see how I can integrate it with Python development.
(Unfortunately my Windows version of emacs dosen't seem to be able to
pop into python mode, and I haven't had time to find out why). At this
point I do most of my development under Linux/emacs anyway.


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