pythonCE GetSystemPowerState windows api

lorenzo.mentaschi at lorenzo.mentaschi at
Sat Apr 25 14:38:37 CEST 2009

Hi all,
I need to call GetSystemPowerState windows api from pythonCE, because
I need to know if a windows ce 5 device is in sleep/off status.
I can find this api in ctypes.windll.coredll, but I cannot figure out
how to pass parameters to this procedure: msdn giude ( ) speaks about 3
parameters, of wich 2 are output: a "LPWSTR pBuffer" and a "PDWORD
pFlags". Returned value of the call is an exit status code
rappresenting if call succeded or failed.

I tried to call this api in several ways, but obtained always exit
code 87 (meaning that parameters are wrong) or 122 (meaning "pBuffer"
variable is too small, in this case I passed None as pBuffer, since
I'm interested only in pFlags result).

Have you any idea? Maybe another api or way to perform this simple

Thank you all, Lorenzo

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