New at Python, some trouble with examples

MRAB google at
Sat Apr 25 16:27:15 CEST 2009

Kevin Forbes VK3KUF wrote:
> Hello folks, my name is Kevin, HAM call vk3ukf, site
> I am brand new to Python and having the big learn at the moment.
> Running Windows XP pro SP3 with Delphi 7 free version
> I installed Python 2.6 and the 1.1.6 PIL to go with it
> Now, because I am running the free version of Delphi 7.
> I had to remove the vcldb and maybe some other reference in PythonForDelphi 
> installation files.
> They were removed to allow me to fix the Delphi Python installation *.dpk 
> files in the C:\Program
> Files\PythonForDelphi\Components directory, for Delphi to accept and compile 
> them.
> Oh, and I had to rename the Python26.dll to Python25.dll for Delphi to 
> operate. ???
The fact that you had to rename to Python25.dll suggests that Delphi is
expecting Python 2.5. You might want to download Python 2.5 (actually
Python 2.5.4) instead to see whether that works better.

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