New at Python, some trouble with examples

Kevin Forbes VK3KUF vk3ukf at
Sun Apr 26 02:14:51 CEST 2009

>> Oh, and I had to rename the Python26.dll to Python25.dll for Delphi to 
>> operate. ???
> [snip]
> The fact that you had to rename to Python25.dll suggests that Delphi is
> expecting Python 2.5. You might want to download Python 2.5 (actually
> Python 2.5.4) instead to see whether that works better.

Hello again, it worked, beautiful, thanks.

It was a bit of a drag as Delphi 7 didn't compile it properly due to the 
mising vcldb etc from the free version, but Turbo Explorer 2006 to the 

It has the missing components and I compiled the *.dpk files with that, I 
incorrectly said I did it by deleting refs in the files while using D7, I 
actually used turbo2006, also had to set all the paths in that to the lib 
and rtl dirs, it was a long day and didn't make all that many notes, I then 
installed the packages into Delphi 7.

Had to make sure a pile of paths were in the right places, one step at a 

I'm here now, big smile on my face too.

Thank you. Kevin. 

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