mailbox.mbox.add() sets access time as well as modification time

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Lawrence D'Oliveiro <ldo at geek-central.gen.new_zealand> wrote:
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> > mbox has several advantages over maildir (for me anyway):-
> > 
> >     It allows easy removal of empty mailboxes (in my case by the MUA)
> Really? I just created a "junk" mail folder via my IMAP server using 
> Thunderbird, and was able to delete it the same way. Or did you mean 
> something else?
If you're using IMAP then whether the IMAP server uses maildir or mbox
is (or at least should be) completely invisible to you.  I'm referring
to the situation where my mbox files are in my home directory.

> >     It's much easier to search
> Thunderbird seems to search maildir files just fine.
Horrible GUI!  I'm running across an ssh connection, that's how I read
my mail remotely, thunderbird is not much use in that situation.

> >     It's easier to move things around
> Actually, no. Maildir makes it easier--no need to worry about locking, so it 
> works reliably even on network volumes.
Locking is nearly irrelevant in a single user situation which is what
I'm talking about.

> >     It doesn't have silly ways of delimiting directories as do some
> >     maildir implementations.
> What do you mean?
Lots of maildir implementations (Courier and its derivatives in
particular) don't use real directories, they use . delimiters in
filenames, e.g.:-

    mbox/holidays/2009/France in a real directory structure


    Maildir/holidays.2009.France a very long filename in the Maildir directory

I beleive that sometimes it's:-


Either way the format with dots in it is a real pain to manage if you
want to rename/move things.

Chris Green

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