Is there a maximum size to a Python program?

Carbon Man darwin at
Mon Apr 27 05:01:22 CEST 2009

I have a program that is generated from a generic process. It's job is to 
check to see whether records (replicated from another system) exist in a 
local table, and if it doesn't, to add them. I have 1 of these programs for 
every table in the database. Everything works well until I do the postcode 
table. The generated code is 5MB for a system with no current data. Normally 
the file would not be this big as only the changes are copied over. Python 
just quits, I have tried stepping through the code in the debugger but it 
doesn't even start.
I am thinking that dynamically generating the programs to run might not be 
such a good idea. It would be a shame to drop it because the system needs to 
be generic and it runs from an XML file so the resulting code could be 
pretty complex, and I am new to Python. The program did generate a pyc so it 
was able to compile.
Thoughts anyone? 

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