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> In message <c7c38f62-1929-46da-
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>> I just found that you could use platform.system() to get the
>> underlying os used. But is there a way to get the distro used...?
> Mostly the differences will not be important. But if you want to know, I
> have been compiling a list of tests here

At least the Gentoo-Test is not very reliable.  While "/usr/portage/" is the 
default location for the portage tree, it is not enforced, neither by 
portage nor by alternative package managers like paludis.  The portage tree 
as well as the distfiles can perfectly moved to another directory (I've done 

Testing for the existing of "/usr/bin/emerge" or even better "/etc/gentoo-
release" seems more reliable to me.  The latter is also used by Python to 
implement "platform.dist()".

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