ActiveState Komodo Edit?

John Doe jdoe at usenetlove.invalid
Mon Apr 27 13:30:42 CEST 2009

Dave Angel <davea at> wrote: 
> John Doe wrote: 
>> Dave Angel <davea at> wrote: 


>> Lastly... Is there a way to force the editor to open text (*.txt)
>> files as Python files so that they are color-coded? Without 
>> changing the *.txt extension? I will be editing text files that 
>> are part of a Python program (Dragonfly). Having the text 
>> color-coded will help. I can probably make a script to do a 
>> workaround, but being able to just hit the Save button would be 
>> best. 

> I haven't tried it in Komodo IDE, but there is a preferences item 
> called File Associations.  In it, try choosing *.txt, and change 
> the language drop-down to Python.  

Did that. 

> Presumably when you're done with the special case, you'd change it
> back to "text file" 

Apparently works great (except for some strange GUI behavior in that
dialogue, but that is a completely different, minor issue). For some
reason, seems Komodo does not allow itself to be configured from
Windows file types to open text files, but that is not necessary or
even desirable here. I will just have it open the last files being
worked on. Apparently the editor behaves the same way as it did for
Python files. Thanks. 

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