Cannot find text in *.py files with Windows Explorer?

Terry Reedy tjreedy at
Mon Apr 27 21:36:46 CEST 2009

John Doe wrote:
> Terry Reedy <tjreedy at> wrote:
>> John Doe wrote:
>>> John Doe <jdoe at usenetlove.invalid> wrote:
>>> ...
>>>> Another file manager, FreeCommander, does find text in Python
>>>> files. 
>>> However... It does not have Undo! Potentially risky.
>> Undo is an editor function.  I do not believe Windows Explore has
>> Undo either.
> Besides Undo... editing functions like copy, paste, and move are all 
> included in a file manager. You might not need that (Undo) safety 
> feature... then again, some users think they do not need to keep a 
> removable media backup copy of important files from their hard drive 
> either.
> Undo and other editing functions are part of a file manager. And Yes, 
> Windows Explorer does include Undo. 

I learn something new.  In my WinXP, I found that Explorer has 'Undo 
Move' (good to learn actually, for when I drop a file in the wrong 
place), which also undoes normal delete (move to Recycle Bin) and which 
even 'undoes' copy by offering to move copy to recycle bin.

A file manager is too powerful to
> be without Undo, unless maybe it prompts the user every time 
> files/folders are moved or deleted. 

Explorer prompts both for Recycle-move and perma-delete.

> Many have complained, but for some reason the author of FreeCommander 
> does not care about that.

So I agree, better to reconfigure Windows search to look in .py files.

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