Thread-killing, round 666 (was Re: Lisp mentality vs. Python mentality)

Paul Rubin http
Mon Apr 27 23:37:43 CEST 2009

David Bolen < at> writes:
> I'm curious - do you know what happens if threading is implemented as
> a native OS thread and it's stuck in an I/O operation that is blocked?
> How does the Lisp interpreter/runtime gain control again in order to
> execute the specified function?  I guess on many POSIX-ish
> environments, internally generating a SIGALRM to interrupt a system
> operation might work, but it would likely have portability problems.

Someone wrote a paper proposing some Python language extensions to
support asynchronous exceptions in Python threads.  I don't have the
url handy but you can probably search for it.  

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