Is there a maximum size to a Python program?

Paul Hemans darwin at
Tue Apr 28 03:53:31 CEST 2009

Please see my post titled "The whole story"

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> Carbon Man wrote:
>> I have a program that is generated from a generic process. It's job is to 
>> check to see whether records (replicated from another system) exist in a 
>> local table, and if it doesn't, to add them.
> <cut>
> To answer the topic question, it would be limited to the memory your 
> platform can allocate and I guess that the most critical part would be if 
> you run out of memory for handling the namespace references.
> However my magic 8 ball whispers to me that the provided solution tries to 
> be smarter than the given problem requires, which is not a good thing. If 
> so and if possible, please provide a more detailed explanation of the 
> actual problem you want to solve instead of the problem you currently have 
> with the provided solution.
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