Thread-killing, round 666 (was Re: Lisp mentality vs. Python mentality)

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>On Apr 27, 8:18 pm, a... at (Aahz) wrote:
>> If you want to talk about Python and problems you're running into, you
>> should start a new thread.
>I'm not at that level of proficiency with the language. I believe most
>of my technical problems are connected with lack of knowledge or
>experience, not the language's features. While conceptual problems
>seem futile to discuss. There's another saying: "when in Rome do as
>the Romans do" isn't just for the experts; if you have a question along the
lines of "here's something I do in Lisp, how do I do it in Python?",
you're entirely on-topic.

Also, most of us are happy to explain why Python does things in certain
ways -- as with Lisp, the more you wrap your mind into the Python Way,
the easier you'll find your work.

Note that neither of these is "why isn't Python more like Lisp?", that's
where you get into futility territory.  ;-)
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