Web framework for embedded system

Gerhard Häring gh at ghaering.de
Tue Apr 28 10:57:44 CEST 2009

Thomas Heller wrote:
> I'm looking for a lightweight web-framework for an embedded system.
> The system is running a realtime linux-variant on a 200 MHz ARM
> processor, Python reports a performance of around 500 pystones.
> The web application will not be too fancy, no databases involved
> for example, but it will need to control some simple peripherals
> (some parallel in/out, some dacs) attached to the system.
> It should provide a user interface showing the current state and
> allowing to manipulate it via a browser, and I will probably need
> to support some rpc as well.
> Does this sound sensible at all? Any suggestions?

I'd try first what I know best. In my case Django. Despite the
restricted hardware, it might just work fine because you'll only use a
tiny fraction of it.

If this doesn't work because of CPU or memory requirements, I'd next try
to build my own using components like

- CherryPy for the web server, it should also be able to handle your
(XML)RPC requirements
- some templating language like Mako (my favourite)

It doesn't sound like you need much more.

You could even build upon wsgiref, string.Template and the XMLRPC stuff
in the standard library, but that's for people who like tinkering ;-)

-- Gerhard

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