desperately looking for a howto on running my wxPython app on Vista

Paul Sijben paul.sijben at
Tue Apr 28 12:10:13 CEST 2009

python 2.6, py2exe and Vista do not make a happy set.

Unfortunately I am in dire need to launch my app not only on WinXP but
also on Vista. I need 2.6 because of a number of support packages I am
using and some of which I am compiling myself (and python 2.5 needs a
version of visual studio that is no longer available.)

I can find all kinds of advice and discussions with google but I have
yet to find a clear explanation on what a poor developer like me is
supposed to do to get my python 2.6.2 , stackless, wxpython and all my
(self-built) pyds to work happily on Vista.

I am currently stuck on the infamous R6034 error but I understand that
after that there may be another issue with certain wxPython functions.

Can someone please point me to a howto on crafting the right
and manifests etc. to make this work?


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