How can I get Tkinter to work in Python? (I tried many things)

Peter Pearson ppearson at nowhere.invalid
Tue Apr 28 17:27:09 CEST 2009

On Mon, 27 Apr 2009 17:49:26 -0700 (PDT), tomzam at wrote:
> There are errors, but since there is many of them:
> here is a cut out of the _tkinter errors:
> libpython2.6.a(_tkinter.o): In function `Tkapp_CallProc':
> /home/tomzam/mylib6/Python-2.6.2/./Modules/_tkinter.c:1263: undefined
> reference to `Tcl_MutexLock'

I believe this message means that something named _tkinter.c
was previously compiled into an object file named
_tkinter.o, which was bundled into a library named
libpython2.6.a; and that when you attempt to use
libpython2.6.a to satisfy the external references of something
(not identified) that you're trying to link, the linker
discovers that _tkinter.o contains a function Tkapp_CallProc
that (on line 1263 of _tkinter.c) attempts to call function
Tcl_MutexLock, but the linker can't find anything named
Tcl_MutexLock to satisfy it.

Tcl_MutexLock is probably *supposed* to be provided by some
Tcl runtime library, but not being very knowledgeable, I
don't know what library.  Just before the beginning of the
list of error messages, you'll probably find the command line
that's running the linker, and it probably names a bunch of
libraries, one of which is supposed to include Tcl_Mutexlock
but doesn't.  I apologize for being so vague; with any luck,
someone much smarter will come along soon.

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