python command-line interface for GitHub Issues v2

SanPy jhmsmits at
Wed Apr 29 10:20:41 CEST 2009


For those of you that are using GitHub, you might want to check out a
package that
I've written in Python. It is a command-line interface to the recently
released GitHub Issues API v2.

You can find it here:

Here are some examples of what you can do:
ghi list [-s open|closed|all]         # show open, closed or all
issues (default: open)
ghi [-s o|c|a] -v                     # same as above, but with issue
ghi                                   # same as: ghi list
ghi -v                                # same as: ghi list -v
ghi -v | less                         # pipe through less command
ghi [-s o|c] -w                       # show issues' GitHub page in
web browser (default: open)
ghi show <nr>                         # show issue <nr>
ghi <nr>                              # same as: ghi show <nr>
ghi <nr> -w                           # show issue <nr>'s GitHub page
in web browser
ghi open                              # create a new issue (with
ghi close <nr>                        # close issue <nr>
ghi reopen <nr>                       # reopen issue <nr>
ghi edit <nr>                         # edit issue <nr> (with $EDITOR)
ghi label add <label> <nr>            # add <label> to issue <nr>
ghi label remove <label> <nr>         # remove <label> from issue <nr>
ghi search <term> [-s open|closed]    # search for <term> in open or
closed issues (default: open)
ghi search <term> [-s o|c] -v         # same as above, but with
ghi comment <nr>                      # create a comment for issue
<nr> (with $EDITOR)
ghi -r <user>/<repo>                  # specify a repository (can be
used for all commands)
ghi -r <repo>                         # specify a repository (gets
user from global git config)

Sander Smits

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