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Wed Apr 29 15:29:42 CEST 2009

@Ben - no hard feelings. I do think your post was unfair and would
give people a wrong impression of the site. Plus the lateness of the
day etc.. had soured my mood somewhat. But the point stands, there
were misconceptions I felt the need to address.

@Banibrata - the wxpython set is my responsibility. It is very much
for newbies and there is no such thing as correct pacing for all. The
feedback has been generally very positive. You would also be amazed to
know that some complain that at least as many complain that it is too
fast, as complain that it is too slow.


[ ... ]

> You think that FOSS is under threat because people are willing to give
> you feedback that your use of non-FOSS software (Flash) is inconvenient
> to them? Oh dear.
> For every person who takes the time to write about it, probably one
> hundred people equally dislike your site but just walk away and never
> come back. You should be dancing for joy that Ben gave you valuable
> feedback about his user experience, instead of just walking away. Some
> companies pay tens of thousands of dollars to hire UI consultants to make
> sure their website is usable by first-time visitors, and that's excluding
> development costs. I've just given you twenty minutes of my time writing
> up my experiences for free. Is that enough in the spirit of FOSS for you?

Well since you ask, no. The post was sarcastic, patronizing and full
of such useful, temperate terms as 'UI abomination'. How could it do
other than cause defensiveness and opposition. I do get a lot of
feedback, so would prefer to ask for it explicitly thanks. When I do
start that thread your input will be welcome. You are right about the
value of such advice, but the manner in which it is delivered is also
crucially important. In that sense your efforts have been wasted.

To reiterate, I responded to this thread because I think Ben's posting
gave an unfair impression of the site and i felt the need to address
some misconceptions. I am sorry you failed to find the videos, but
many tens of thousands are found every week and I really haven't heard
of anyone failing to find their way to the content. In this sense I
think you are exceptional.

Anyway, is best to draw this thread to a close I think. The heat/light
ratio is rising to no good purpose, for which I take of some
responsibility. In conclusion, Showmedo is built with Python (no PHP,
though I think you meant CSS), and remains profoundly grateful to the
language and community. I do feel we have added something of value
ourselves but its inadequacies are very much conceded.  I am more
concerned that the Python authors who have contributed some fantastic
stuff to the site get a fair crack of the whip.


> --
> Steven

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