Python Noob - a couple questions involving a web app

Kyle T. Jones seriously? at
Wed Apr 29 16:28:16 CEST 2009

Bruno Desthuilliers, my dear, dear friend, there was this time, oh, 
4/29/2009 3:02 AM or thereabouts, when you let the following craziness 
loose on Usenet:
> Kyle T. Jones a écrit :
>> Been programming for a long time, but just starting out with Python. 
>> Not a professional programmer, just that guy in one of those 
>> organizations that won't hire a pro, instead saying "Hey, Kyle knows 
>> computer stuff - let's have him do this (and that, and the other, etc)".
>> So, the higher ups want a web app that'll let them enter (from an 
>> intranet page) a rather simple, but quite lengthy, list - details to 
>> be stored in a MySQL database... just normal stuff here, entering, 
>> editing, and deleting entries, sorting, etc.
>> On the internet side of things, folks get the info served up to them, 
>> can sort it in a few ways, etc - it's pretty basic stuff.
> (snip)
> I can only second Arnaud and Emile : Django is very probably what you're 
> looking for, and by all means better than any PHP thingie - wrt/ both 
> development time and security.
> You'll indeed first have to learn the framework (and Python of course), 
> and learn how to deploy your app in production (which can be a bit 
> tricky if you're not familiar with server admin), but there's a good 
> documentation and a very helpful community around both the Django 
> framework and the Python language.

Thanks everyone!  Wow, pretty much a consensus - a rarity with these 
"types" of questions, at least in my experience.

Ok, sounds like I need to be looking at Django.  Thanks for the advice!


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