command prompt history filtered by initial letters

MRAB google at
Thu Apr 30 00:38:27 CEST 2009

limit wrote:
> Hello,
> On WindowsXP with Python 2.5.1 (from the python-2.5.1.msi): when I'm
> at the python prompt, up-arrow scrolls through the command history. If
> I type group of characters first, up-arrow shows only the previous
> commands that start with that group of characters.
> On CentOS 5 with Python 2.5.4 (that I built locally): up-arrow does
> not filter the command history based on initial characters at the
> prompt.
> How do I get this command history filter working on the centos
> install?
If it works in the command prompt (in Windows XP: Start > All Programs >
Accessories > Command Prompt) then it's a feature of the operating
system, not Python.

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