import and package confusion

Dale Amon amon at
Thu Apr 30 02:25:56 CEST 2009

On Wed, Apr 29, 2009 at 04:06:23PM -0700, Scott David Daniels wrote:
> Dale Amon wrote:
>> ....
>> The point I take away from this is that packages and
>> modules have dotted names, but Classes do not and there
>> is no way to do exactly what I wanted to do. 
> Nope.  You have not been clear with what you want, and part
> of the lack of clarity is your imprecision about names.
> If you insist on having a class per module, you will
> always have redundant-looking class names somewhere.
> You will help yourself out a lot by not sharing the class
> name and the base class name (not the least in error
> messages), but it is possible to have them the same.

That in particular may happen. This has all been a matter
of running tests to see how close I could get to the
desired concept using Python. With some working test code
I have now, the answer is 'close enough'.

Your assistance has been useful, regardless of whether
it sounded that way or not ;-)

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