Installing Python 2.5.4 from Source under Windows

Mark Hammond skippy.hammond at
Thu Apr 30 06:03:25 CEST 2009

Paul Franz wrote:
> I have looked and looked and looked. But I can not find any directions
> on how to install the version of Python build using Microsoft's 
> compiler. It builds. I get the dlls and the exe's. But there is no 
> documentation that says how to install what has been built. I have read 
> every readme and stop by the IRC channel and there seems to be nothing.

Although you asked about 'installing', you should find that the Python 
you built works fine from where it is, and adding packages to your 
site-packages directory will work as you expect.  With the addition of 
an 'InstallPath' registry entry pointing at your directory, other .exe 
installer packages created by distutils will also install correctly.

Hope this helps,


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