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Thu Apr 30 06:10:02 CEST 2009

>> I've needed an attribute accessible dict, so I created this.
>> Are there any obviously stupid shortcomings?
> If you know the attribute names ahead of time, you might consider
> using a namedtuple instead.
> See

I do use it, even when I don't know the attribute names, see how:

from collections import namedtuple
def build_namespace_tuple(nsmap):
    """nsmap is a dictionary of XML namespaces (from lxml)"""
    namespaces = namedtuple('namespaces', ' '.join(nsmap.keys()))
    return namespaces(*['{%s}' % x for x in nsmap.values()])

If I didn't need the dict values wrapped in {} I could've just used:
    return namespaces(*nsmap.values())

and it's all fine, just completely immutable, which is not always 

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