import and package confusion

alex23 wuwei23 at
Thu Apr 30 08:04:40 CEST 2009

On Apr 30, 1:10 pm, Dale Amon <a... at> wrote:
> I do not really see any other way to do what I want. If
> there is a way to get rid of the exec in the sample code
> I have used, I would love to know... but I can't see how
> to import something where part of the name comes from user
> command line input without interpreting the code via exec.

Are you familiar with __import__?

iotypes = ["WINGTL","VLMPC","VLM4997"]
for iotype in iotypes:
  packagename = "VLMLegacy." + iotype + ".Conditions"
  classname   = iotype + "_Conditions"
  module      = __import__(packagename)
  cls         = getattr(module, classname)
  # etc

Much cleaner :) And far more secure: any time you think "user input"
AND "exec", you're probably going in the wrong direction...

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