What do you think of ShowMeDo

Astley Le Jasper Astley.lejasper at gmail.com
Thu Apr 30 11:00:12 CEST 2009

Gosh ... it's all gone quite busy about logging in, gui etc.
Certainly, I would try to make it clearer what is free and what isn't.
But flash ... using that doesn't bother me. Loggin in ... fine ... I
don't care as long as it's quick and there is something I might want.

i just wanted to know if the content was of a suitable quality that's
worth paying $60 for.

You'll never get anywhere without also having a good collection of
books or online references, but there is something really appealing
about watching someone else walk you through. It get you started. It's
another perspective on the same topic.

I do have a suggestion though. Consider micro-payments. If there is
only one video that I might be interested in, then I think I'd be
happy to pay $1 (or whatever) for. Lower risk. Lower barrier to entry.
I think that the site might be loosing out on a lot of users that may
only want one or a few tutorials. And then once you've used it once,
you're more likely to use it again.

Micropayments could also be the basis of rating the videos. It'll
perhaps give an indication of demand, which could guide further
development and publication of videos.


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