import and package confusion

Dale Amon amon at
Thu Apr 30 16:35:50 CEST 2009

Gabriel gave me the key to a fine solution, so
just to put a bow tie on this thread:


import sys
sys.path.extend (['../lib', '../bin'])

from VLMLegacy.CardReader import CardReader
rdr = CardReader ("../example/B767.dat","PRINTABLE")

iotypes     = ["WINGTL","VLMPC","VLM4997"]
for iotype in iotypes:
        classname  = "Conditions"
        __import__("VLMLegacy." + iotype + "." + classname)
        module = sys.modules[packagename]
        cls = getattr(module, classname)
        a = cls(rdr,2)

Works like a champ!

It would have taken days for me to find that by trial and
error and rtfm and google. So thank you all. Even if at times
I was rather unclear about what I was trying to accomplish.

Now I can move on to parsing those pesky Fortran card
images... There wouldn't happen to be a way to take n
continguous slices from a string (card image) where each 
slice may be a different length would there? Fortran you 
know. No spaces between input fields. :-)

I know a way to do it, iterating over a list of slice sizes,
perhaps in a list comprehension, but some of the august python 
personages here no doubt know better ways.
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