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Thu Apr 30 19:07:05 CEST 2009

Marco Mariani wrote:
> norseman wrote:
>> The posting needs (its creation) ... DATE. ...  The code needs to 
>> state OS and program and version used to write it.  And from there - 
>> user beware."
>> Which would reduce the confusion greatly.  I got the same error 
>> message and decided it was from an incompatible version, using 
>> incompatible modules.  Looks as if I guessed right.  I pity the poor 
>> first timer.
> Raymond is living in a parallel universe (Fahrenheit 3K) where all the 
> previous Python releases have been burned ;)
> dystopianl-ly yours,
> -- 

AH! That explains it. :)

He must have worked at Apple in it's earlier days.  Those were the days 
that when a new OS version came out you basically picked up your current 
computer and threw the whole thing in the trash.  Once the new OS 
version was installed ALL third party purchased programs and probably 
all those you had written stop functioning.  Maybe your data could be 
salvaged, maybe not.  To make matters worse, the new upgraded program 
probably failed to accomplish the one thing you bought the original to 
accomplish.  Not to mention the price tag was now more.

Maintaining upward compatibility was what gave Gates the edge. With 
Gates' OS a small company did not need a 100 geeks to be constantly 
rewriting the envelope addressing program.  He (or whoever he hired) 
could build the tool and then he could proceed to making a better living 
by letting the computer do the same-o same-o time killers while he 
serviced the customers.  For most it is all about the coin of the realm. 
For a few it is about the extra leisure time.  What ever your goal it's 
a cinch you hate to be constantly paying to remake things that already 
worked perfectly.

Gates trouble began when he started playing the Apple game.
Apple is on the rise because it took the lesson from Gates.

Several of my teachers along the way noted:  "Evolve or Perish."
I agree with that.  Thing is, they all had a problem with the one 
question I asked each:
"When the evolution proceeds to the point the latest one born is no 
longer compatible with the existing, how is it gonna make babies?"


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