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Jim Carlock jcarlock at MUNGED.microcosmotalk.MUNGED.com.invalid
Thu Apr 30 19:33:38 CEST 2009

"Astley Le Jasper" wrote...
: Gosh ... it's all gone quite busy about logging in, gui
: etc. Certainly, I would try to make it clearer what is
: free and what isn't.

Problems with their website probably means more problems to

1) The website does not fit on one page.
2) It's a lot of yack about how beautiful, nice, wonderful
   and no substance, no proof, nothing to back up the yack.
3) They're interested in selling a product. What else?

What do you want to know about Python? What OS do you use?

I'm messing around with a program right at the moment. It
ends up as two applications, one runs as a server and one
as a client which presents a Window. It almost works, so I
need to work through it to work out it's bugs, and I'll be
rewriting it in a couple other languages.

Python looks fairly simple. It's a lot of "import" commands
and then "from" statements to do more importing. So I need
to figure out what the difference is between the two, as
the "from" seems to provide a way to identify what it wants
to import from the library/module.

I find it odd that no one includes the FQFN and employs a
short name. Nothing seems to get SET in the Environment to
identify where the library gets configured. I have to run
off to find help on the differences between "import" and

Good luck! Feel free to leave a reply.

Jim Carlock

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