What do you think of ShowMeDo

Paul Hemans darwin at nowhere.com
Thu Apr 30 23:53:35 CEST 2009

I also am new to Python and found the site. The main barrier to me was the
price. Pay as you use with credits might be less of a problem in an
community environment where so much is available. The interface did not lead
me to understand where I could find the free stuff, I also did not realize
how much of it was available. With so much information on the web you tend
to spend a very short amount of time trying to understand what a site is
about. If it is available, I would have a look at your crawl stats and see
how long people are staying on a particular page before leaving the site. I
think Google has introduced some analytics that will allow you to compare
different site layouts and the pattern of traffic.

In regards to the negative comments, I think you are right to defend against
them as they have been recorded in the anals of the web, however I certainly
wouldn't let it discourage you. It is obviously a great resource. So my few
suggestions are (at a penny a pop):
1. Simplify the home page so that newcomers know what they are going to get
for free and what isn't
2. The learning maps are a great idea, unfortunately the first one I looked
at http://showmedo.com/static/images/LPs/networks/10.png I couldn't read.
3. Let people buy credits. Start at roughly 10 - 20 cents per commercial
video, step the rating so that the more you use the service the less you pay
per view.

Don't worry about the Open ID thing too much, most people use the same U/N
and P/W for all their different logins anyway. Might be nice later on
though, when some bright spark decides that people's personal learning plans
should be hosted in the cloud and you want to hook into that. All in all
great site (do I get any credits for saying that?).

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