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Sat Aug 1 00:38:25 CEST 2009

Carl Banks <pavlovevidence at> writes:
>> This is one area in which Perl still whips Python...
> No way.  Perl's man pages are organized so poorly there is no
> ergonomic pit deep enough to offset them.  Quick, what man page is the
> "do" statement documented in?

Of course there is:

$ perldoc -f do | head
       do BLOCK
               Not really a function.  Returns the value of the last command
               in the sequence of commands indicated by BLOCK.  When modified
               by the "while" or "until" loop modifier, executes the BLOCK
               once before testing the loop condition. (On other statements
               the loop modifiers test the conditional first.)

               "do BLOCK" does not count as a loop, so the loop control
               statements "next", "last", or "redo" cannot be used to leave or
               restart the block.  See perlsyn for alternative strategies.



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