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jkn jkn_gg at
Sat Aug 1 21:44:14 CEST 2009

Hi Tim

On Aug 1, 8:32 pm, Tim Golden <m... at> wrote:
> > Unfortunately, the combination of the python 2.6 CHM helpfile style,
> > and the KChmViewer application gives me body text which is almost
> > unreadable (black text on dark blue background). I'm not sure if this
> > a bug in KChmViewer but it's pretty annoying. Anyone else see this?
> This was noised about when the new-style docs were first released.
> Somehow (I don't run Linux usually) I had the impression it had
> been fixed; presumably not. However, rebuilding the docs is not
> at all hard: you just need a Python installation and the
> HTMLHelp Workshop. Then you can fiddle about with the CSS to
> your heart's content.

The HTML form of the documents (on seem fine (dark text on
a light background, with a 'light blue on dark blue' sidebar). I was
guessing that the .CHM was intended to have the same style, and
therefore there was a problem with either my viwer, or with the
conversion. Is this not the case then?

I've just checked using xchm, and this displays OK - but I don't think
it's taking any notice of any styles. FWIW I'm running 4.0-r1; there
is a later release but it's not yet available for my Gentoo

Can you point me at any references to this bug in the Python release
world please?


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