Python docs disappointing

Christian Heimes lists at
Mon Aug 3 02:39:34 CEST 2009

Mohan Parthasarathy schrieb:
> I am a newbie and about a month old with Python. There is a wealth of
> material about Python and I am really enjoying learning Python.
> One thing that could have helped Python documentation is that instead of the
> very "raw" doc string, it could have used something like PythonDoc (java doc
> style) so that the functions/classes are documented better. At least I am
> planning to use PythonDoc for the code that I am going to write. Let me know
> if there is a better one..

Several projects are trying to improve the doc strings with an extended 
syntax. Personally I prefer the epytext syntax from epydoc [1]. It's a 
JavaDoc like markup language that extends the raw doc strings with 
useful information.



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