Announcing PythonTurtle

John Posner jjposner at
Tue Aug 4 06:12:34 CEST 2009

> ... I would also venture to say a key-map
> of sorts that is available thru the help menu where one could push an
> "Up" button, or a "rotate" button, and have the proper command
> inserted in the prompt, and then have the command execute, may also
> help make the connections here, a sort of *real* Visual Basic
> programming -- sorry Microsoft :P
Along these lines, see my "ClixTur" application at 
It's a point-and-click front end to the standard Python turtle module, 
implementing only a very small subset of the turtle commands. As you 
click, the "real turtle commands" appear in a transcript window. You can 
then save (and maybe edit) and replay the transcript.

Ram, I like a lot of what you've done. Could you talk about your 
decision to embed the standard turtle module (which is implemented in 
Tkinter) in a wxPython application?


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