Python docs disappointing - group effort to hire writers?

David Lyon david.lyon at
Tue Aug 4 07:55:20 CEST 2009

It isn't totally about the writers...

Peoples egos are also at stake - it seems.

If "Fred X wrote Doc Y".. they don't want their name taken off.. So
they generally speaking don't want the docs changed.

If you talk too much about docs.. you can be told you're OT..

even in a thread about docs...

On Fri, 31 Jul 2009 17:12:43 -0700, Kee Nethery <kee at> wrote:
> I too find the Python docs not very useful and it really slows down my  
> learning curve.
> I wonder if it would make sense to find good tech writers, get a  
> quotes, and get some professionally written documentation WITH LOTS OF  
> EXAMPLES added to the standard Python documentation tree.
> I'd chip in money for that task. I've certainly spent enough buying  
> Python books to where it would be very reasonable to chip in the cost  
> of one book towards this project. Get enough people ... could be a  
> great thing.
> Even though it is not the version I use, I would suggest that the  
> really detailed docs with lots of examples be written against the  
> latest python version.
> Just a thought.
> Kee Nethery

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