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Gregor Lingl gregor.lingl at
Tue Aug 4 14:45:47 CEST 2009

cool-RR schrieb:
>> Hi Ram,
>> that's indeed a nice starting point for kids to doing turtle graphics,
>> although currently it seems to implement only a very small subset of
>> Python's turtle module's capabilities, even less than those of the old
>> turtle module (that shipped with Python upto 2.5).
> A text editor would be a good feature for future versions.
> Regarding the naming of functions: I named them in the way that seemed
> best to me. You seem not to agree, you like the way your functions are
> named better, and there's little point in arguing over which
> convention is truly better. The convention I chose is the one that
> seemed ideal to me.
> I did consider naming the functions the same way you did for
> consistency, but I decided not to compromise the quality of
> PythonTurtle just to be compatible with a module that my users may not
> even use.

That's the advantage of not developing for the standard library. In fact 
those elementary commands you use were present already in the old turtle 
module. When I decided to extend the old turtle module a primary 
requirement was that it remains 100% compatible to the old one. New 
versions of a module in the standard library must not break code of 
previous users of that module. In short: I did not name these functions 
but I had to use the names that already were there.

Nevertheless I'd prefer left and right over turn even today, especially 
for kids as I argued before.


>> It would be certainly a good thing if one had a similar environment
>> using Tkinter, preferably also as part of the standard distribution of
>> Python accompanying the turtle module. I think it should not be that
>> difficult to create a GUI of this sort combining IDLE's shell window,
>> its editor and Alas, at the moment I'm too busy with some
>> othr work to start a project like this. Perhaps someone else might be
>> interested? I'd enjoy to join a team doing it.
> I agree that it shouldn't be difficult; The question is whether
> someone will step up and do it.
>> Finally I'd like to stress, that the aims of PythonTurtle and Python's
>> turtle module are quite different - as one could grasp easily by trying
>> out the collection of examples at that
>> I posted in another posting. Anyway they could very well complement one
>> another in some more mature state of development.
>> Best regards,
>> Gregor
> Thank you for your feedback Gregor.
> Ram Rachum.

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