Python configuration question when python scripts are executed using Appweb as web server.

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>> > I have installed python 2.6.2 in windows xp professional machine. I
>> > have set the following environment variables -- PYTHONPATH. It points
>> > to following windows folders: python root folder, the lib folder and
>> > lib-tk folder.
>> Why? Did you read it somewhere? Usually there is no need to set the  
>> PYTHONPATH variable at all; remove it.
> Setting PYTHONPATH environment variables is mentioned in Python docs.

Could you provide a link please? Setting PYTHONPATH should not be
necesary, and in fact it's a very bad idea. Environment variables are
global, but Python modules may depend on the Python version, architecture,
install location... By example, you may install a 64 bits Python 3.1
version *and* a 32 bits Python 2.5 version and they both can coexist
peacefully - but an extension module compiled for the former cannot be
used in the later version. You must build a separate library for each
version, and install them in two separate directories. But since the
PYTHONPATH variable is shared by all installations, which directory should
It's best not to use PYTHONPATH at all and rely on other alternatives
(like .pth files, that are searched relative to the current Python
executable, so different versions use different configuration files)

> I solved the issue temporarily by copying the gnutls related dlls to
> the path searched by python.exe

Glad to see you could finally fix it!

Gabriel Genellina

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