ANN: extprot 0.1.1

Ryan Kelly ryan at
Thu Aug 6 00:33:14 CEST 2009

Hi All,

Sorry if you get this twice, it seems to have gotten lost on its way
through python-announce.

I'm pleased to announce the first release of the "extprot" python
module.  Extprot implements a compact, efficient, extensible and
language-neutral object serialisation protocol.

License:      MIT
Source code:

You can think of extprot as something akin to Google's protocol buffers,
with a few extra bytes of serialisation overhead and a Python binding
that doesn't have nearly as many rough edges.  For example:

      * It's a stand-alone python module, packaged and distributed in
        the standard fashion.
      * It's friendly to dynamic package management tools like pip.
      * It works exclusively with standard Python objects. Declared a
        list field? It's a native list object.
      * You don't need to compile your protocol definitions.

More on the extprot format itself is here:

More on my motivations for this package here, if you're interested:



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