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I am not really a CS person, but I have a task to import a non-delimited text to an access database.  After some research, I *think* the best way to do this is by first converting the non-delimited text to delimited text, and then import it to the database.  Is this the best way to approach this?  Or is there easier way?

Test , BTS
05/MAY/1945 00:00
AB Pos
CMV Neg Req'd
IgA Deficient
>> OCT/23/07 08:18:00 TRETHEWEYD >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Please fax to:
>> OCT/22/07 09:37:00 [COMBINE] [Combine from person_id 924598 to person_id 858327]
[Following comments for to person_id 924598]
>> OCT/18/07 15:53:00 TRETHEWEYD 2007/10/18 15:52
Basically there are 2 portions to this.  The first portion consist of 7 lines (Full Name, Medical record number, birth date, gender, internal ID, blood group, phenotype).  The second portion list the different list of requirements, denote by <start> and <stop>.  In the sample shown above, the patient do not have information on phenotype, thus there is the � symbol.  
I am really stump on where to go from here.  Any help would be appreciated it.  I have also include a text file which gives several more examples.
Thanks so much!

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